Top 5 Reasons your Architectural Application will be denied

Your Architectural Controls Committee has compiled the Top 5 Denials to help guide your project and get it approved quickly. We are always here to help, so feel free to call or email during business hours.

1. Painting stone or brick is strictly prohibited.

The AC will NOT approve painting brick or stone. These are naturally durable materials with intrinsic beauty. Paint will not adhere to rough, uneven surfaces and will flake off given time, and is easily carried into the greenbelt with heavy rains. Due to our environmentally sensitive area, we strictly prohibit anything that can harm wildlife if it washes down into the greenbelt.

2. Follow all Steiner Ranch Guidelines.

All residences in Steiner Ranch are subject to the Architectural Guidelines AND your neighborhood guidelines. These documents were provided by your title company prior to closing, and you signed a document before purchasing in Steiner Ranch that states that you agree to adhere to all of the rules. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to read and understand the guidelines prior to applying for any exterior changes to the home. The guidelines can be found in Documents -> Rules, Regulations & Policies.

Please know that there are some guidelines specific to certain neighborhoods or lots in those neighborhoods. For this reason, make sure to check your neighborhood documents, too. The items listed in the neighborhood documents super-cede the guidelines, so if your neighborhood prohibits sports courts or has specific rules for pool installations, you must follow these regardless. To see the neighborhood-specific guidelines, go to Documents -> Neighborhoods.

3. No structure may be in the setbacks on your lot.

The setbacks provide space between the residences and act as a firebreak in the event of a catastrophe. Building in these locations is strictly prohibited to preserve distances from the neighbors and the beauty and flow of all of the lots. Please find these setbacks in your neighborhood documents; they vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.

4. Information missing from your application.

The most commonly missing information includes the following:

  • Your original survey is complete with lot & block numbers with setbacks and distances marked.
  • Photos of your house and lot can be extremely helpful in determining the slope of your lot, the viability of your changes, and the color palette of your home.
  • Please make sure that all of the application form is filled out in its entirety.
  • Lastly, please provide sample photos or colors of your new changes; these are called Specifications and are required for all applications.

To see the full set of requirements, please go to the Steiner Ranch Residential Design Guideline Manual, page 12.

5. Please follow all height restrictions found in the Guidelines.

Outdoor kitchens and chimneys are limited to 15’ in height from the natural ground level. Pool and deck walls are limited in height to 6’ from the natural grade. These restrictions are necessary to help preserve privacy for your property and that of your neighbors. The AC considers what you would like to do as well as the impact it has on your neighbors property, and it is important to protect everyone’s property values. Remember, the AC is looking at the entire neighborhood and the impact each change has on the whole, not just your individual lot.

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