Tree Giveaway

coordinated by TreeFolks and SRMA Parks & Recreation Committee

We have filled all of the spots for this tree giveaway. Thank you for your interest and the overwhelming response! Recipients will receive more information via email. If you have signed up but were not one of the first 100 entries, the office will reach out to you directly with future sign up info as it becomes available.

However, please sign up to volunteer to help your neighbors. Sign up for volunteers is OPEN.

Steiner Ranch has been invited to be part of a pilot TreeFolks Native Tree giveaway program. We have one hundred 5 gallon Native Austin Trees that are free to residents of our community! 

While we don’t have the exact breeds at this time, we do know that we will receive Native Shade Trees, Native Undergrowth Trees & Native Fruit Trees

Types of potential trees can be found here.

Each resident that participates may receive up to 2 trees will be required to provide their contact information to Tree People and may be required to provide survival information in a period of time from the planting.  (see form at the bottom for more information)

Pick up your tree(s) from 12 pm until 6 pm on Thursday, Nov. 16th @ Towne Square Park

Rules & What to Expect:

  1. This program is for the 5 gal trees only.  
  2. Each homeowner will be responsible for planting each tree.  
  3. Each tree should be planted in the native soil with minimal additives or augmentation of the soil.  Adding a bag of mulch around the tree should help it survive and keep the roots moist.  Remember to make a donut with your mulch; do not make a mound with the tree in the center.
  4. Homeowners will be responsible for watering and staking until the trees are of adequate size to stand on their own.  It is estimated that supplemental watering and possibly fertilizing will be needed for the first 12 months while the tree is getting established in its new home.
  5. Please be prepared to give your name, address, and bring a survey/map of the location where you will plant each tree.  This information will be given to the donors (Tree People) and also to the Architectural Control Committee in lieu of an official application to modify your landscape.  No application fees will be charged for participants (Typically a $500 deposit required for AC applications).

To sign up for 1 or 2 free trees, please fill out the Sign Up form on the right.

First come, first served! Pick up required from 12 pm until 6 pm on Thursday, Nov. 16th @ Towne Square Park.  We are trying to gather residents who would like to help with deliveries to houses and possibly planting the trees.  If you know of teenagers who need community service hours, please ask them to email

To volunteer at this momentous event:

please fill out this form:

The Board of Directors would like to thank Shannon Sharma for letting us know about this wonderful program and for our amazing newly formed Parks & Recreation Committee for making it happen! We are so grateful for the amazing volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to our wonderful neighborhood. Thank you!!

What is TreeFolks? 

TreeFolks mission is to empower Central Texans to build stronger communities through planting and caring for trees. 

TreeFolks engages thousands of volunteers and community groups to plant trees in public parks, backyards, preserves, and schoolyards. 

TreeFolks works to restore forests after natural disasters such as the forest fires of 2011 in Bastrop County, the devastating Blanco River floods of 2015, and now in the floodplains of Travis County. TreeFolks partners with the City of Austin to give trees to qualifying Austinites in the urban core through tree giveaways and consulting.


Nov 16 2023


12:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Towne Square
12550 Country Trails Ln, Austin, TX 78732



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