Frequently Asked Questions

HOA Contact and General Information:

How do I contact the management office?
12550 Country Trails Ln,
Austin, TX 78732

Mon-Fri 8am-5-pm
(closed for lunch 12pm-1pm)

How can I find current information and news?

Monthly and biweekly newsletters are emailed to residents. Please contact if you are not receiving emails.

How do I find out about community events and holiday celebrations?

Visit to learn about the community events.

I’m a new resident, what do I need to know?

Please contact the office and they will set everything up for you. 

Amenities and Access:

What and where are the amenities?

You can find more information about our amenities and their operating hours on our dedicated Amenities pages.

How do I get or replace a fob or Lake Club Parking Pass so I can access the amenities?

Please call or visit the HOA office to request a fob.  Each fob costs $25, Lake Club permit costs $35 (to be paid at the time of pick up).

How do I get or replace a private gate remote if mine breaks?

Please call or visit the HOA office to request a new remote.  Each remote costs $50.00 (to be paid at the time of pick up).

Financial and Property Concerns:

When and how do I pay my dues?

Go to Home Owner Login. Dues are to be paid in 2 installments by January 30 and July 30.  Late fees apply if dues are not paid on time.

Do I need a permit from the HOA to remodel my house or landscaping?

Yes, any work done to the exterior of a residence or lot requires approval from the Architectural Controls Committee (ACC).  This includes, but is not limited to changes to paint, windows, all landscaping, fencing, and pools. Please log in to the Resident Portal to turn in your application.

What are fines and how do they work?

You will always receive a courtesy notice before any fines take place unless it is a criminal offense.  Renters are also subject to fines. All fines are due 30 days after receipt unless otherwise specified when assessed. 

Fees will be due as specified below:

First ViolationCourtesy Notice – no fine due
Second Violation$25
Third Violation$50
Fourth Violation$100

Oak Wilt Policy Violation Fines:

First Violation – when the owner cuts or trims oaks between February 1st and June 30th$250
Second Offense within the same year$500
Ongoing violations in addition to the maximum fine$250

Habitat Trimming Violation:

Trimming in the Balcones Canyon Lands Preserve is strictly prohibited. Hefty fines will be charged for any trespass into any preserve abutting Steiner Ranch.

First Violation – when the owner cuts or trims any tree between March 1st and August 31st$250
Second Offense within same year$500
Ongoing violations in addition to the maximum fine$250

Fine/Fee List for Construction Violations – Homeowners:

All fines/fees apply to new construction or modifications unless otherwise noted.

Construction Deposit per lot$500
Deposit for Architectural Modifications$500
Deposit for accessing greenbelt$500.00 plus the cost of returning to the original state

Variance Request*

Final Inspection$50
Re-inspection: 2nd Inspection$250
Re-inspection: 3rd Inspection$500
Re-inspection: 4th Inspection$1000
AC Violations – per citation$250
Disturbance of greenbelt with no deposit held also liable for damages + 50%500.00 per citation (maximum 2 citations)
Beginning Construction without approval$500
Pouring foundation w/o approved form survey$250
Variance request for encroachments w/o notice$100
Inspection not Scheduled$250
Failure to meet completion date (per week)$50

Citation is defined as notification of violation, and a time frame to have the violation rectified.  If the violation is not rectified during the required timeframe, HOA will make repairs and bill the violator for the repairs plus an additional 50% for time and services expended.

* Variance Requests for encroachments into setbacks should be made to the AC to allow for processing time.  If the request is made less than seven days before a house is to close, a fine will be instituted as stated above.

In the event that the HOA is required to repair, clean up, or provide necessary service to bring the improvement into compliance, the owner/builder will be assessed the cost of the repair, clean up, or service plus an additional 50% for time and services expended.  This will include but is not limited to, repair of common area landscaping, providing dumpster or chemical portable toilet, and adding inlet protections or silt fencing.

For New Builds/Builder inquiries, please call the office for a list of fines, fees, and requirements.

What is required if I rent out my house?

Please contact the Steiner Ranch offices by phone or email

Maintenance and Community Concerns:

Who do I call to report out-of-service gates, amenities, and other needed repairs?

Please contact the management office at 512-266-7553.  If it’s after hours, call the phone number and you will be transferred to a manager. You can also report concerns on your portal.

What is Oak Wilt? What are the rules about tree trimming?

Oak Wilt is a fungal disease caused by the organism Bretziella fagacearum that threatens Quercus spp. The fungus grows through the infected tree’s water conducting system, causing the tree to wilt and die.  Do NOT trim your trees from February 1st-June 30th.  Trees outside of your property belong to the HOA or the Balcones Canyon Preserve and may not be altered by any means without formal permission from either organization. All tree trimming requires a permit through the HOA (Permit application).

Where can I find information on protecting my home from wildfires?

You can find valuable information on protecting your home from wildfires by referring to the Fire Protection Guide. Additionally, if you’d like to schedule a free home evaluation conducted by Lake Travis Fire & Rescue, please feel free to email us at

Rules and Regulations:

Can I leave my dog off-leash?

The only place in the community that a dog can be off leash is at the dog park. Dogs must be on a leash on any HOA property, including the hiking trails.

What are some of the general rules for the common areas?

Please check the Rules, Regulations & Policies page.

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