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Resident involvement is the cornerstone of the FIREWISE COMMUNITIES/USA RECOGNITION PROGRAM. As participants in the program, you and your neighbors will learn how to decrease the risk of losing your homes and to best protect yourselves in the event of wildfire. The Program draws on a community’s spirit, its resolve, and its willingness to take responsibility for reducing wildfire risks by providing the resources needed to achieve both a high level of protection against wildland/urban interface fire and ecosystem balance.

The Program utilizes a three-legged template:

  • Wildland fire staff from federal, state or local agencies provide a community with information about living with wildfire with mitigation information.
  • With the assistance of wildland fire staff, you and your neighbors assess wildfire risks around you and devise a cooperative network of other homeowners, agencies, and organizations.
  • You and your neighbors identify and implement solutions tailored to Steiner Ranch.


How can Steiner Ranch become a recognized FIREWISE COMMUNITY?

It begins with YOU. Go to and become familiar with the steps to become a FIREWISE COMMUNITY, then the association office to let staff know you’re interested in participating in the Firewise Committee.

What are the benefits of being a FIREWISE COMMUNITY?

  1. Creates a defensible space that prevents fires from advancing and endangering homes and lives.
  2. Improves property value while reducing the risk of loss.
  3. Improves community relationships with local fire staff since firefighters can concentrate their efforts on fighting wildfires.
  4. Offers peace of mind, knowing that your home is prepared to survive a wildfire in the event one should occur.



Steiner Ranch Firewise Committee members are:

  • Bill Hamm - Committee Chair
  • Chuck Allen - Committee Member
  • Joe Iannello - Committee Member
  • Brian Tarr - Committee Member

Reminder: Firewise is always looking for new committee members. If you are interested in learning more about wildfire safety and prevention and would like to be of service to your community, contact us at

For a presentation by Lake Travis Fire rescue about Steiner Ranch Wildfire Mitigation, please click HERE


Want emergency services to be able to warn your family in the event of a wildfire event?
Visit to register your family's contact information.

In the event of a wildfire, will issue any evacuation instructions.
Additionally, the service provides neighborhood-based severe weather alerts. Sign up today!