HOA Staff

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 1pm - 5pm, Friday 10am - 5pm
512-266-7553 (phone), 512-266-9312 (fax)

Have a question? We're here to help! To report a problem, click hereotherwise, please email the appropriate association staff member.  

  Executive Director                     Randy Schmaltz              randy@steinerranchhoa.org

  Community Manager                 Mackal 'Mack' Taylor       mack@steinerranchhoa.org

  Controller                                   Andrew Smullen             andrew@steinerranchhoa.org

  Staff Accountant                        Nick Kapa

  Staff Accountant                        Joanna Morgan               joanna@steinerranchhoa.org

   Amenity Coordinator                           Patricia Campbell               patricia@steinerranchhoa.org

  Architectural/Compliance          Robin Kasper                  robin@steinerranchhoa.org

  Communications Coordinator    Meredith Hamrick            meredith@steinerranchhoa.org

  Lifestyle Coordinator                 Desirre Ghebremicael      desirre@steinerranchhoa.org

  Front Desk Coordinator           Cassie Burgess