Architectural Modification Request

Steiner Ranch Rules and Regulations regarding alterations, improvements and repairs state that all alterations, improvements and repairs, including removal of trees which affect the external appearance of any lot or home, must be approved in advance by the Architectural Committee. Such approval is to be obtained by submitting an Architectural Modification Application via the CiraNet Residents Portal.

How to submit a Modification Application on the CiraNet portal:

  • Log in to your CiraNet account HERE.
  • Click on the Architectural Application tab.
  • Download and complete out appropriate applications (please make sure to only fill out the appropriate addendums/variance if needed).
  • Click on Add New Improvement Request.
  • Select Category.
  • Enter in 'Description' of the requested modification.
  • Attach all necessary documents for a full review.
  • Check box that you have read and understand the agreements.
  • Click submit once all items are attached and filled out.

Please note:

You can monitor the status of your application directly in your CiraNet account. The application can be filled out using tools in Adobe Reader or by printing the application out to fill it by hand and then uploading it to the CiraNet Portal.

In addition to the Architectural Modification Application, following are additional forms that may be required:

Greenbelt Addendum

Pool Addendum

Variance Request Form

For more information about the ACC guidelines, please refer to the following documents:


Should you have questions, please contact Steiner Ranch HOA