Coyote sightings in Steiner Ranch are not uncommon, especially during sunset and sunrise. As humans expand their living areas, coyotes attempt to expand their range.  The most serious problem with the urbanization of coyotes is they adapt to being around people, which can lead to them losing their innate fear of humans.   

Access to food regulates coyote population. Greenbelt areas and lush home landscapes attract food for coyotes. Urban coyotes feed on rodents, rabbits, household garbage, compost piles, pets, pet food, and water from landscape irrigation runoff.

To help avoid coyote- human/pet conflicts, please keep the following in mind:


·   DO NOT feed coyotes or other wildlife

·     Eliminate sources of water

·     Position bird feeders so that coyotes can’t get to the food   

·       Do not discard edible garbage where coyotes can get to it

·       Secure garbage containers and eliminate garbage odors

·       Feed pets indoors whenever possible

·       Trim any shrubbery that provides hiding cover for coyotes or prey

·       Don’t leave small children unattended outside

·       Don’t allow pets to run free

·       Walk your dog on a leash and accompany your pet outside, especially at night

·     Be aware of potential coyote dens

·     Coyotes mate December -  March, and birth pups in early spring. Coyotes are very protective of their pups.


To report coyote sightings, call 3-1-1.  The city’s Animal Control Program will gather data related to coyote sightings and provide that information to Texas Wildlife Services for response/follow-up.  


Call 9-1-1 to report a coyote attack - to date there have been no reports in Travis County of coyotes attacking humans.