SRROA Board of Directors

Have a question or input for the SRROA Board of Directors?

Residents are welcome and encouraged to address the Board at monthly SRROA Board of Director meetings held on the last Thursday of each month at the Towne Square Community Center at 6:00 pm.

The SRROA Board consists of five Board Directors.

Current Directors are:

Debbie Tanner-Jacobs - President

Wendy Gray - Vice President

Terry Friggel - Treasurer

Meredith Hamrick - Secretary

Dan Hartman - Director

The purpose of the Steiner Ranch Residential Owners Association (SRROA) Board is to govern the SRROA Community. Topics that may be covered at Board meetings include:

  • Finances –budget, cash flow, and assessment collection
  • Contracts– building maintenance, grounds management, reserve study, facilities usage
  • Management – upkeep and repair of the property, staff supervision and services to homeowners
  • Legal Responsibilities – rules, regulations, policy enforcement, meetings and elections.