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Community Updates June 29, 2018



Effective Monday July 2, 2018 the HOAoffice will be closed Monday – Friday from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM.  Normal office hours are Monday – Friday 9:00AM – 5:00 PM with the exception of closing for the noon hour.

Fireworks Prohibited

The Steiner Ranch HOA wishes
residents a happy and safe Independence Day! As you make plans to celebrate our
nation’s independence, please consider the many opportunities to view fireworks
in Austin where they are handled by professionals.
  Fireworks within Steiner Ranch are absolutelyprohibited.  There are a number ofreasons for this:

  • The use of fireworks places homes at serious risk of fire.

  • The topography and green space of Steiner Ranch isconducive to fires. 

  • Federal rules regarding management of the Balcones
    Canyonlands (which borders Steiner Ranch) impose significant restrictions on
    activities that may affect wildlife therein.
     Serious penalties for violation can be imposed by federal officials.

  • Homeowners are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their property.


Thank you for your support as we attempt to avoid potential fires inSteiner Ranch.



Fire Safety

It has been brought to the HOA’s attention that there had been anothersmall brush fire on one of the trails Tuesday evening.  We would like to remind residents to be
mindful of what you and your children are doing, it appears that in the area of
the fire Lake Travis Fire Rescue observed a small fire pit.  They ask that if at any time you see suspicious
activity in and/or around trails or greenbelt areas to please call Captain
Trubee (512-203-0632) and he will send a crew out to investigate the activity. 


A friendly reminder to drone owners in the event of an emergency DO NOT fly your personal drones in oraround the area of the emergency.  Thedrones impede on any emergency aircraft responding to the emergency.


A safety concern to all residents, there is absolutely No Dumping of landscape debris or unwantedmaterials in the greenbelt or trails. All debris should be disposed of properly.


Mailbox kiosks:

It has been brought to the HOA’s attention that there has been some
vandalism to mailbox kiosk in Majestic Oaks, this has been reported to the USPS
and a work order has been generated.  We
ask residents that witness suspicious activity to report it to Travis County
Sheriff Department.  In the event you see
damaged mailboxes please report the location to the HOA and we will contact the


SteinerRanch Rules & Regulations #10 Animals and Pets.  No animals other than domestic household petsmay be kept or maintained on the Property. 
All dogs must be on a leash at all times unless they are on the lot of
their owner.  Pets may not make excessivenoise (in sole judgment of the Board). 
No animal shall be allowed to run at large, and all animals shall be
kept within enclosed areas which must be clean, sanitary, and reasonably free
of refuse, insects and waste at all times. The owner shall be responsible for
the immediate removal of pet defecation. 
The Board of Directors may require permanent removal of any pet when the
pet or its owner has repeatedly violated these Rules or the pet has become
objectionable in the opinion of the Board.