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Community Safety Reminders



For resident safety, please adhere to the following association rules and/or state laws: 


Please SLOW DOWN and follow posted speed limits. Should you witness speeding, aggressive, or dangerous driving, contact law enforcement.

Golf Carts
Please ensure family members, including minors, are aware of the below Steiner Ranch Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. If you witness someone operating a golf cart in a reckless manner, or in a manner in which you believe violates state law, you are encouraged to contact law enforcement. 

·        Private golf carts must be registered with the association.

·        Private golf cart operators must have a valid driver’s license.

·        The operator and vehicle is subject to Texas law and must observe safe driving principles at all times.

·        The number of passengers which may ride in a private golf cart is limited to the number of seats provided in the vehicle.

·        Private golf carts may only be operated on paved streets within Steiner Ranch. 

·        When not in actual use, private golf carts must be stored in the garage of a residence.

·        Private golf carts must be properly lighted between the hours of sunset & sunrise.

·        All private golf cart passengers must remain seated during golf cart operation.

Motorized Vehicles
Please DO NOT operate motorized vehicles (including ATV's and golf carts) on neighborhood  trails. Doing so poses a potential safety hazard to walkers and bikers. It also damages the trails, which the Trails Committee and other community volunteers graciously maintain.

Pool Rules
Please familiarize yourself with Steiner Ranch pool rules and remember to never prop pool gates. 

Thank you!


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