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Parkside Mailbox Door Replacement Project Rescheduled to Begin 2/21



UPDATED: Parkside Mailbox Door Replacement Project
Moved To February 21st - February - 23rd 

On February 8th the HOA notified Parkside residents that their mailbox kiosk doors would be updated  February 12th  through February 14th. Unfortunately the Lakeway Post Office did not begin the project as planned. The project has been postponed to take place from February 21st - February 23rd. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your  patience as we attempt to work with the US Post Office to update kiosk doors.  

This project will take approximately 3 days to complete. 


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21st – The mail carrier will unlock units for the HOA to switch out mailbox doors. The carrier will remove any mail left in boxes and take it back to the post office. Upon project completion, mail delivery will resume and mail taken to the post office will be redelivered. 

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd – The post office is scheduled to install new mailbox doors.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd – Mail delivery will resume. Any mail that was held at the post office during project completion will be delivered. It is not necessary to make a trip to the the post office to pick up your mail unless you need it prior to this date. 

Thank you for your patience as we work to keep your mail more secure.

 This is a publication of The Steiner Ranch Homeowners' Association.