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Oak Wilt Prevention, Volunteers Needed & More


Steiner Ranch Community Update

Following is important information about oak wilt prevention, upcoming board elections and annual meetings, and more:

Guidelines For Oak Wilt Prevention 

Oak wilt is a destructive tree fungus that affects oaks and causes tree mortality; the risk for infection is greatest between February and June. Please follow these simple precautions to help prevent the spread of this destructive tree disease in Steiner Ranch: 
 - Paint fresh oak wounds immediately after pruning with wound dressing or latex paint.
 - Sterilize and clean pruning tools with Lysol or bleach solution between sites and trees.
 - Immediately chip or burn debris from diseased red oaks. 

If you are uncertain about trimming guidelines, please consult a Texas oak wilt certified arborist, an oak wilt specialist from a city, county or state agency, such as the Texas Forest Service or Texas AgriLife Extension Service, or visit texasoakwilt.org.

Association Annual Meetings & Board Elections
Steiner Ranch Master Association (SRMA) and Steiner Ranch Residential Owners' Association (SRROA) board elections and annual meetings will take place this April. For detailed information about the elections, click here. Candidate bios/headshots will be posted on the HOA website soon. 

Lost & Found
Did you know the association has a lost & found? Residents sometimes turn in items they find in the neighborhood to the association office. If you are missing an item you think you may have left at one of the community facilities, fields, mailbox kiosks, etc., contact the association office to see if it has been turned in. The office is located at 12550 Country Trails Lane and the phone number is 512-266-7553. Residents may also use the HOA website to post or look for lost & found items. To do so, follow these steps: 
 - log on to steinerranchhoa.org
 - click the 'Stay Connected' tab
 - click the 'Classifieds' tab, then click the nested 'Lost & Found' tab
 - follow the prompts to post an item

Volunteers Needed For Easter Egg Hunt Event
With over 14,000 eggs to hide for the annual HOA Easter Egg Hunt & Event (held on March 31st), we need volunteers! This is a great community service opportunity for preteens and teenagers, and provides a chance to earn community service points. Interested? Visit the HOA Events Facebook page to register, and report to John Simpson Park on Saturday, March 31st by 8:00am to hide eggs. Coffee and hot chocolate will be provided for all early morning helpers. 



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