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Coyote Sightings


Coyote Sightings


HOA staff was notified recently about multiple coyote sightings in the neighborhood, specifically in the UT Golf community around University Club Drive between the gate and club house.

Coyotes are most active at dusk and dawn, although they may be seen during daytime hours. As humans expand their living areas, coyotes attempt to expand their range. The most serious problem with the urbanization of coyotes is they adapt to being around people, which can lead to them losing their innate fear of humans.

The City of Austin recommends residents do the following around their homes and in neighborhoods to deter human/coyote interactions:

  • Keep wildlife wild - don't feed wild animals!
  • Do not feed pets outside or leave pet food outside 
  • Check your property for and eliminate potential sources of food and water 
    • Clean up bird seed on the
    • Keep barbecue grills clean
    • Tightly cover and secure
      garbage cans and compost bins
    • Clean up under fruit and nut
    • Eliminate artificial water
  • Trim brush and shrubbery
  • Make sure fences are secure and close off crawl spaces under porches, decks and sheds 
  • Keep small pets inside if possible and monitor them when outside 
  • Always follow leash laws and walk dogs on leashes 6' or less in length 
  • Install motion activated sprinklers or outdoor lighting around your property
  • Be aware of possible coyote den sites when in natural areas. Coyotes are protective of pups and may view people and dogs as interlopers. Coyotes den, mate and birth pups generally from January to June and are most territorial then. 

    To report a coyote sighting or aggressive coyote behavior, call 3-1-1. For more information about coyotes, provided by the City of Austin, click


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