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Important News from your HOA, August 2nd, 2019



Vandalism in Steiner

We have had several
incidents of vandalism in Steiner Ranch. We encourage residents to call 911 Travis County Sheriff Department to
report any suspicious activity or vandalism. Our most recent incident was today Friday, August 2nd, 2019
to the Basketball Court at Towne Square. The sheriff has been contacted and a
report has been filed.

Pictures from today's incident:


Update about the Towne Square Basketball Court

Towne Square Basketball Court has been temporarily cleaned and it is now open until further resurfacing work will be done. Bids have been requested and the HOA will let residents know when the court will need to be closed again for resurfacing.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

from Using Round Up

Both of our landscape
companies, Urban Dirt and Brightview, have confirmed that they have
transitioned away from using Round Up products on any SRMA and SRROA common
areas. They are using a mixture of Epsom Salts and vinegar although up until
two days ago they were re-purposing their empty Round Up containers for the new
mixture. We have since asked them not to use these old containers or even have
them on property going forward. Please note that we do not govern what chemicals
the landscapers use that are hired by individual residents nor do we have any
say over the landscapers for the commercial businesses in Steiner Ranch, the
schools, any of the communities down by the lake, UTGC, Beverly’s Ridge,
LakeView, Meritage Apartments, Steiner Bell Apartments or the Steiner Ranch
Steakhouse. If you see any landscaper
that works for SRMA or SRROA using Round Up in a common area, please notify the
HOA so that we may speak with them immediately.

Watering of Common Areas
throughout Steiner Ranch

(Please note that the
information below DOES NOT AFFECT RESIDENT WATER IN ANY WAY, it only affects
the watering of the landscape in common areas and at the amenities.)

You will have noticed
that daytime watering of common area landscape is underway. This is due to WCID
equipment/software issue that they are actively trying to resolve. Watering of
sod and plants in our common areas usually takes place during the night using
reclaimed water that is pumped from retention ponds into a storage tank. Because
of this equipment/software failure, the water storage tank has been running out
of water during the night resulting in the landscape not getting the water it
needs. WCID is manually filling the tank multiple times during the daytime
hours for us so that we can water until the issue can be resolved.

Please report any
irrigation leaks or broken sprinkler heads that you see to the HOA by calling the 512-266-7553 or by sending an email to steiner@ciramail.com for repair.
If calling after hours, you will be connected to the on-call service.

Social Media and Accuracy
of information

Steiner Ranch Boards and
staff would like to encourage residents that at any time you may have questions
or concerns to please contact the HOA staff or Board directly to confirm the
information prior to posting on social media.

September 4, 2019 –
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event

WCID 17 is offering a free
household hazardous waste collection event on Wednesday, September 4th,
2019 and this will be the last collection event in 2019. The center will
receive acceptable items from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00pm.

If in doubt of trash or
hazardous waste, please feel free to give a call to (512) 266-1111, extension

NOW is the TIME to trim your
Oak Trees!

This is the season to
trim your Oak Trees. If you have branches that are lower that 13 to 14 feet over-hanging
the street or covering street signs or preventing the fire truck from driving
on the street, please contact a tree trimming company now so that this can be
remedied as soon possible.

The HOA recommends hiring
only a certified arborist and to follow the below guidelines:

- Use paint on all cuts
or wounds to oak trees.

- Destroy all dead or
dying Red Oaks near a tree with Oak Wilt.

- Do not move any
firewood until it is well-seasoned.

- Plant native, non-oak
tree species.

For more information
visit the following websites:

  • http://texasoakwilt.org
  • www.dontmovefirewood.org/
  • texastreeplanting.tamu.edu/

For any question or
concerns, please contact Operations Manager, Sarah Dunlap at steiner@ciramail.com

Firewise News

Wildfires can occur
anywhere at any time, and peak season for wildfires in Central Texas is April
through October. Being prepared for wildfires is important as they can destroy
homes, businesses, infrastructure, natural resources and agriculture and even
cause the loss of lives. Homeowners can help prevent the spread of fires with
proactive approaches to wildfire prevention. They also should prepare themselves
for responding to a wildfire in case evacuations become necessary.

Sign up for https://warncentraltexas.org/ as a step one
towards fire preparedness.

Traffic Delay on Quinlan
Park Update

Paving at the MU14
construction site started on Saturday July 27th and the improvements
(sidewalks) on Quinlan Park are in progress. Please slow down when approaching
the area as there are trucks entering and existing the construction site throughout
the day. Traffic controls are in place from 9:00am-4:00pm.

If you have any questions
feel free to contact Melinda Schoch, General Manager at steiner@ciramail.com

Fall Programs

School starts on August
15th, 2019. Haven't signed up for Fall programs? Check out the
Steiner Ranch program guide by clicking HERE. The Association offers a variety
of programs for adults and children, all located conveniently in Steiner Ranch.

This is a Publication of The Steiner Ranch Homeowners' Association