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Steiner Ranch eMail Bulletin Friday July 26th, 2019



TxDot 620 Barrier
Installation Update

Travis County has been
assisting TxDOT with safety improvements along RM 620 and we are happy to share
that a contract to install the centerline (median) barriers on major curves
between Mansfield Dam and the intersection with RM 2222 has been issued and the
barriers should be installed this fall.
TxDOT also provided
Travis County with mapping of the proposed improvements. These
improvements extend along RM 620 from Mansfield Dam to just west of Water
Treatment Plant 4. See exhibits Overview 1 and 2.
Each Overview has
associated exhibits detailing the safety improvements at each major curve to
include concrete barriers and striping. See exhibits Barrier 1 – 4.
TxDOT reported that the
contractor will start installation of the barrier the week of July 28th.
Completion will be late August/early September. Temporary lane closures
or lane shifts could be anticipated during construction.

If additional
information is needed, you may contact BReinhardt@bgeinc.com or Bruce.Byron@txdot.gov.

Traffic Delay on Quinlan Park

Paving at the MU14 construction site will
be starting on Saturday July 27th, please slow down when approaching the area
as there will be trucks entering and existing the construction site throughout
the day. We also received confirmation from the Lennar Builders that the
start date for the improvements (sidewalks) on Quinlan Park will start Monday
July 29th. The traffic controls will be in place from 9am-4pm which
should miss most of the key traffic hours.

If you
have any questions feel free to contact Melinda Schoch, General Manager
at steiner@ciramail.com

This is a Publication of The Steiner Ranch Homeowners' Association